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Centre for the Study of Christian Origins


About Us

CSCO is the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins at the University of Edinburgh (New College). We are a collection of scholars committed to the study of early Christianity and the world that it was born in. Our interests range from New Testament studies to Patristics, to the world of Late Antiquity, and many of our members have specializations within these fields. More than that, we are interested in encouraging and supporting study in these areas and put on a range of conferences and seminars to this end.

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Upcoming Events


12 October 2015: Kennedy Wright Opening LectureKennedy Wright

4:30pm Martin Hall, New College

Professor Loveday Alexander (University of Sheffield)

‘Did Jesus Found a Church? Reflections on the Ecclesiology of the Gospels.’ Wine reception to follow.

15 October 2015: The Baptism of JohnJohn Baptism

5:00 pm Martin Hall, New College. Followed by refreshments.

Professor Joel Marcus of Duke University.